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Brugge, Belgium. Home for the elderly 'De Seven Torentjes'.

At the restaurant stained glass panels.
At the entrance 'Light Modules'
In the garden two mirror-objects.

stained glass
Stained glass panels in the restaurant.
The sun projects the colours onto the room.

stined gass top
Stained glass panels. Detail.

At the entrance 'Light Modules' are installed.
One side is a hand-painted transparent acrylic pane.
The other side is a translucent white acrylic pane that shows soft images.
The images change with time of day and season.

Front and backside of Light Module. They react at changing daylight.

light objects top
Thirteen Light Modules are installed at the entrance hall.

Mirror objects
Two mirror objects in the courtyard catch light from the sky.
mirror light sculpture top
mirror light sculture top
Mirror Objects with stained glass catch the light from the sky.

Design drawings

Design drawings stained glass panels the restaurant

design design top
Design drawings. Light Mo duels at the entrance


Title: Living Lights
Location: Woon- en Zorgcentrum De Zeven Torentjes St Lucaslaan 50, 8310 Assebroek, Brugge Belgium
Project duration: 3 years
project 2011
Medium: Stained glass panels, wood, hand painted acrylic panes, sunlight

Description: 17 stained glass panels were installed at the restaurant. 13 Light Modules were installed at the entrance. With sunlight colour images appear in the rooms. The images move with changing sunlight.

Commissioning Agency: Municipality of Brugge
Project coordination: Marc Geernaert
Architect: Architectenbureau Michel van Langenhove, Brugge
Glass studio: Derix Glasstudios, Taunusstein
Budget: euro 40.000
Remark: The design was developed in close collaboration with the architect




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