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Light and Daylight
I w
ork with light and daylight in architecture and sculptures, paintings and drawings. The use of daylight as a medium means that my work reflects the rhythm of the time, the breathing of the cosmos.

In my works sunlight projects colours into the environment. Images move, multiply, arise, and disappear. It means that my art always more is than a static phenomenon. A viewer may see the artwork for an instant, but the impact comes from the understanding that it represents merely one stage in a part in a continuous shift.

Sunlight projections of a coloured glass window change with time of day.
As an example. At the railway staion in Amersfoort an ellipse of colored glass is applied to the window in the south facade. The sun projects this ellipse into the hall. As the days shorten, as the sun gets lower, the projected ellipse penetrates deeper and deeper into the station.

amersfoortxxx amersfoort

During the day, with sunlight, the coloured ellipse moves through the hall.
When there is no sun, a visitor sees the ellipse of coloured glass. One can experience this as the work of art. One is not aware that one does not see the entire project, that one misses the process of the moving projected ellipse, the essence of the artwork.

My work with diffuse daylight.
Grey light is common in the Netherlands, when clouds cover the sky. That is why I researched how to use this diffuse daylight in my work.

modulexxmodulex module

I created a small objects, 'Light Modules'. In a cube of 15 x 15 x 15 cm diffuse daylight produces images with a great variety of hues. In this Light Module many shades of colour and a variety of light intensity are created. The Module reflects the beauty of Dutch Light.

An artwork with double meaning, outside in the facades and inside in the rooms.
In the Hospital East-Limburg in Genk, Belgium more then hundred, individually designed translucent coloured glass panels determine the appearance of the fa├žades.

gevelxxx genk

Inside, in every hospital room, the panels become coloured glass windows individually designed works of art. An exceptional experience for a hospital.

Day and night, The Lighted Lady of Barking.
I won an open competition for art within the context of the redevelopment of Barking City, Borough of London, UK. I realized a sculpture 'The Lighted Lady' 20 meters high at the entrance of the city. The silhouette changes with the position and movement of the viewer. At night, colored floodlights are creating a new sculpture.

barkingxx barking
Whilst often using the light of the sun, the night's view is equally important in my artwork.
Integrated lighting is an inseparable part of my designs.

The reaction below illustrates the way I think public art should influence the surroundings.

dear sir
I live in Dagenham
every morning I drive through the roundabout with your sculpture
I look forward to seeing it
I am not an artistic person - I am an electrician
I thought
how clever the man must be who built that
the light and shape is never the same
it looks different every time I see it
I want to touch it
stand by it
lookup at it
but its in the middle of a very busy roundabout
then I thought
that's what you wanted
then realized
you really are a gifted person

best wishes

Daylight Paviljions
In an experiment in my studio, I installed color filters and reflectors in the windows. Daylight casts images onto translucent screens. The projected images change continuously, depending on the weather and the position of the sun. Based on these phenomena I made designs of microarchitecture 'Light Spaces', just meant for experiencing light.

Light ad Cosmos
Generally speaking, the presence of light is taken for granted. One does not realize that it is there. The ever-changing moving colours in my artworks evoke the awareness of the movements of the earth, its rotation around its axis, and its orbit around the sun. They trigger experiences of the passage of time, the coming and going of seasons, and of cycles of earth and sun in space. These experiences represent the essence of my work: 'Becoming aware of light as part of the universe.'


painting01 painting02
In my painting light is the subject.