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2019 Maaseik, Belgium, Hospital Maas and Kempen, Meditation Room
2018 Maaseik, Belgium, Hospital Maas and Kempen. Coloured glass.
2018 Genk, Belgium, Hospital ZOL, 155 coloured glass panels
2015 Bloemendaal, The Netherlands, Glass Sculpture 'Itsus'
2014 Zwolle, The Netherlands, General Memorial, 4 Light Sculptures
2013 Heemskerk, The Netherlands, Town hall, Light Modules at entrances
2012 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, redesign Ravensbrück Monument
011 Genk, Belgium; Hospital East-Limburg; integrated light and glass sculpture.
2011 Brugge, Belgium, 'De Zeven Torentjes', coloured glass windows.
2011 London Barking City, Landmark sculpture 'Lighted Lady'
2010 Breda, Ginnekenweg-Noord, The Netherlands , 4 Light Seats
2009 Slochteren, Fraeylemaborg, 'Cycli' Glass sculpture in park
2009 Cothen,The Netherlands School Het Veldhuis; Painting "Earth Charter"
2008 Nijmegen, Community Centre; light objects.
2007 Bournemouth, Dorset Healthcare NHS Trust, 40 Light Modules
2006 London, Barking City: London Bridge Sculpture
2005 Tienen, Belgium: Glass sculpture in garden
2005 Amstelveen: Light Man nr2, Light Sculpturc
2005 Valkenswaard: Kempenhof; light reflections in hall
2005 IJsselstein: Light sculpture at Tramway Station
2004 Woensdrecht; Light sculpture near town hall
2004 Veldhuizen, Sun sculpture in park
2004 Leende: Hof van Leende; integrated light art in roof
2002 Den Haag, Palace of Justice; Sunlight reflections in three light wells
2002 Pijnacker, Sun Sculpture at roundabout
2002 Amersfoort, Railway Station;coloured glass windows and sunlight projection
2001 Geneva, University hospital; sunlight reflection in waiting room.
2001 Amsterdam, Leidsebosje: renovation 'Adamant'
2000 IJsselstein, Light Rail Station; Light Sculpture
1998 Veldhoven, Heemweg; five sculptures at five roundabouts
1996 Amsterdam, World Trade Centre; Kymmene, light elements melted glass
1994 Veenendaal, Youth centre; light sculpture.
1993 Ridderkerk, Private house; light sculpture with holographic glass.
1993 Eindhoven, University; light sculpture at main entrance.
1992 Hilversum, Railway Station; holographic glass windows and golden column
1992 Amsterdam Noordzeekanaal; light objects in 'Temenos', a theater project.
1991 Vlaardingen, Main Library Building; 2 light objects.
1990 Leeuwarden, D.S.W.; light objects.
1990 Amsterdam Bijlmermeer, HSCB Bank Holding Office; suspended light
1989 Nieuwegein, Office building Ahrend; light-elements (with Judith Gor).
1989 Goirle, town hall; 5 suspended light sculptures.
1988 Amsterdam, Main Office KBB Bijenkorf Beheer; light environment (with Judith Gor).
1987 Amsterdam, National Head Office ING-bank; (with Judith Gor).
1986 Noordwijk, Videoland Netherlands; light object.
1986 Amersfoort, Parking Koestraat; paintings 'Orpheus' (met Annette Huizing).
1986 Amersfoort, Parking Koestraat; light object.
1985 Leek, Nienoord College; sun object, colored glass windows.
1985 Emmen, Ordnance Survey building; sunlight installation.
1985 Amsterdam, Leidsebosje; Adamant, Light Pyramid,
1984 Huizen, College Stad en Lande; sun object, light lines.
1984 Hillegom, Reformed Church; sunlight projection.
1984 Amsterdam, Centrale werkplaatsen Stadsreiniging; coloured glass windows.
1984 Amsterdam Bijlmermeer, AMC hospital; light objects.
1983 Wijk bij Duurstede, Jenaplan school; sun objects.
1983 Rotterdam, Basisschool Beverwaard; sun object.
1983 Katwijk, Bestevaer Mavo; light objects.
1982 Amsterdam, Rioolwaterzuivering Oost; light object
1981 Zwolle, Rijksinkoopbureau1986 ; light objects (with  Arnold Hamelberg).
1981 Elburg, Rehoboth Mavo; light object, light lines.
1980 Amsterdam, National Savings Bank; light sculpture.
1980 Amsterdam Slotervaart; Landmark sculptures
1980 Amstelveen, Snelliuslyceum; sun object.
1979 Zoetermeer, station Seghwaert; light sculptures outside.
1978 Amsterdam, Mytyl-Tyltylschool; coloured glass windows,  light objects
1977 Amsterdam, Free University; coloured glass windows.
1976 Zwolle, Town hall; a wall of light.
1975 Amsterdam Monument Vrouwen van Ravensbruck, a 'Lighthouse' .
1974 Naarden, Office building Coordinatiebouw; coloured glass windows.
1972 Amsterdam, Hangbrugmaisonettes Osdorp; wall painting lift.
1970 Hoogvliet, Centrum de Bron; coloured glass windows.


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