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'Cycli', Fraeylemaborg, Slochteren the Netherlands

Core of 'Cycli' is an ellipse of laminated and fused ellipsoidal glass. The ellipse is glued to a sheet of clear glass. Sandblasted lines on this glass catch the colours of the fused ellipse.
The images on these lines change with time of day and season.

laminated and fused glass
'Cycli' at the end of the park of the estate Fraeylemaborg
in Groningen Netherlands

laminated and fused glass top
The sculpture.
ellipse top
The ellipse of laminated and fused coloured glass.

laminated and fused glass
freaylemaborg top
The estate.


laminated and fused glass

fraeylemaborg top
'Cycli' in the parch.



Light Sculpture in park of the mansion Fraeylemaborg, Slochteren, The Netherlands


Project: Light Sculpture in park

Title: Cycli


In the park of the estate Fraeylemaborg a sculpture is placed. Two hardened glass panels, each 1 cm thick, 120 cm wide and standing to a height of 230 cm above the ground. They are positioned around 15 cm apart. Both panels are made of plain float glass with ground edges. The one at the rear is adorned with an ellipse shape formed of several layers of coloured glass fused together. The front panel has six vertical lines sandblasted into its surface and then given a Clear Shield coating to protect the glass from the effects of the harsh Groningen weather.


The coloured ellipse evokes the idea of the earth as a heavenly body with treasures concealed in its innermost depths. The sandblasted lines symbolise wisp of gas rising from those depths. They stand for cyclical processes occurring within and around the planet, whence the title Cycli. The ellipse and wisps of gas are linked by the light of the sun, which shows a cyclical variation in intensity as the year turns. When the sun shines through the back panel, the ellipse is projected onto the front sandblasted panel.


Seen from the windows of the mansion’s main reception room, the work is a tiny blob of colour which stands out more or less clearly against the Groninger landscape beyond, depending the light. It gains a more imposing presence as the viewer approaches it along the winding paths of the estate. In Cycli, Joost van Santen offers a visual image of two invisible phenomena: light and gas.  

Project Duration: 1 year

Competed: 2009

Medium: glass, steel

Dimension: 82,5 x  1,5  x 0,5 meter

Location: Park in castle Fraeylemaborg Slochteren, The Netherlands

Commissioning Agency: Nederlandse Gasunie.

Project Curator: Professor Titus Eliëns

Budget: €  15.000


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