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Palace of Justice The Hague, Netherlands

Dynamic sunlight reflections appear in the waiting room at the third floor, changing with time of day and with seasons.

The design was developed in close collaboration with architect Niek van Vugt.

Light well (right) and reflections in waiting room.

Reflections in waiting room.

Palace of Justice

Cross-section with the three light wells. Two light wells are open air.

Light well with the strips of holographic mirror sheets seen from the roof.

Light well with holographic mirror strips seen inside the room.

Light well seen from the street below.

Light well with gold panes at street level.

Light well 3
Laminated glass is installed at the skylight creating colour projections in the room.

Laminated glass on the roof light of light well 3

Light well 3 with projection in the waiting room.

Reflections in waiting room.

Three light wells bring daylight deep into the building. Light art is installed in all three light wells. In the first light well small sheets of holographic mirror were mounted at the glass at the third floor in such a way that the transparency of the glass remained. Other panes of the light well were cladded with holographic and gold mirrors. They bring coloured reflections into the adjoining rooms. These reflections change during the day and with seasons. In the second and third light wells coloured glass panels are installed at the roof, bringing changing sunlight projections into the wafting room below.

Architect:  Ir. R. N. van Vugt , Architectenbureau Ellerman, Lucas en Van Vugt
Artist:  Joost van Santen
Title:  light installations in light wells
Completed: 2002
Dimension: 15 x 4 x 4 meters
Project duration: 2 years
Medium:  daylight, sunlight, glass-applique
Location:  The Hague, the Netherlands
Project manager:  Ir. Vincent Reijers, Rijksgebouwendienst
Commissioning Agency:   Rijksgebouwendienst Den Haag, Netherlands
Budget: euro 75.000
Remarks:  The design was developed in close collaboration with architect Niek van Vugt

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