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Combined school and Community Building 'De Ster',
Nijmegen, Netherlands

The large dimensions of the hall ask for interventions at more then one location.
Colour changing LED panels at north and south entrances unties the hall.
Incoming sunlight is caught by mirror objects installed at the south facade.
A high window with holographic glass creates large rainbow projections deep into the hall.

LED panels at the north entrance, The colours change continuously.

The suspended mirror objects at the south facade

Mirror objects

Suspended mirror objects.

The mirror objects.

Suspended daylight objects reflect colours onto the floor and walls.

Rainbow reflections from hidden window with holographic glass.

A hidden window with holographic glass creates rainbow reflections into the room.



Daylight objects and LED lights

The hall is chosen as location for art. The large dimensions of the hall asks for interventions at several places. Colour changing LED panels are installed at both north and south entrances giving unity to the hall. At the south facade mirror objects are installed to use the incoming sunlight. A high window is used to mount holographic glass that creates large rainbow projections deep into the hall.

Title: A star for Visveld
Completed: 2008
Project duration: 2 years
Medium: daylight, sunlight, led-lights
Location: Visveld Nijmegen Netherlands
Architect: Ir. Yvonne van der Pluijm, String Architecten Rotterdam
Project manager: Ir. E. Cobussen
Commissioning Agency: Municipility of Nijmegen
Budget: euro 60,000.--
Remarks: the design was made in close collaboration with architect Yvonne van der Pluijm