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Light Sculpture Prague, Czech Republic

Exhibition themed 'The Future of Europe' at the famous Wenceslas Square in Prague, Czech Republic. Fifteen sculptures one from each EU country.
Glass panels project their colours onto the white steel of the sculpture, changing with time of day and season. The sculpture itself projects its colours onto the street.

light projection
The sculpture on the Wenceslas Square.

sunlight top
Sunlight projection onto the sculpture.

Sculpture on the square

sunlight top
Projection onto the street.


Title: 'Light Man Number 1'.

Description: The sculpture is 6 meters high. When the sun is shining the colours of hand-painted acrylic panels are projected unto the surface of the construction. The colours are also projected unto the street. These sunlight projections are the core and meaning of the sculpture. The sculpture is constructed of light weight panels used in the building industry. The innovative technical design is by Dutch designer Rutger Heijmen, Culemborg, Netherlands.

Completed: 2004
Project duration: 1 1/2 year
Location: Wenceslas Square Prague Czech Republic; Vaclavskem Namesti , 13000 Praha 1,Czech Republic
Project Manager: Rutger Heijmen, Ontwerp & Timmeratelier
Commissioning Agency: 'Light Man Number '1 is made especially for the Summer Exhibition 'Sculpture Grande 04', on request of the Gallery Art Factory in Prague.
Budget: no budget
Remarks: The construction was developed in close collaboration with Rutger Heijmen
Exhibition: 'The Future of Europe' . 15 Sculptures one from each EU country at the famous Wenselas Square in Prague, Czech Republic

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