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Light Sculpture 'Golden Light' in Veldhuizen, Leidsche Rijn, Netherlands

In a park a sculpture 'Golden Light' is installed. Inside a gilt rod. Holographic mirrors are installed at the surfaces Inside the sculpture. Sunlight reflections appear. The colours change continuously depending on viewpoint, season and time of day.

light sculpture light sculpture


Light Sculpure 'Golden Light' in Park in Veldhuizen, the Netherlands
Project: Light Sculpture in park
Title: Golden Light
In the park a sculpture is placed. Inside mirrors with diffraction gratings are installed. With sunlight colours appear, changing continuously depending on viewpoint, season and time of day. The golden column in the middle reflects these colours.
Completed: 2003
Project Duration: 1 year
Medium: steel
Dimension: 8 x 1,5  x 1,5 meter
Location: Park in "Veldhuizen' a part of the new town Leidsche Rijn near Utrecht The Netherlands
Commissioning Agency: Bouwfonds Fortis Vastgoedontwikkeling Leidsche Rijn v.o.f. and Amstelland Ontwikkeling Wonen B.V.
Project Manager: Orlando Kunstzaken, Rotterdam
Budget: €  80.000

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