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General Memorial, Kranenburg Cemetery, Zwolle, Netherlands

The 'General Memorial' commemorates deceased relatives in the case that there are no physical remains. Three columns along the path support transparent plaques with the names of the deceased. Sunlight projects the names onto the ground.

Three Memorial Columns are grouped around the Meditation Object in the centre.

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Transparent plaques with the names of the deceased are placed in front of the coloured glass.
Sunlight projects the colours of the glass and the names on the plaques onto the ground.

Sandblasted side of the Meditation Object.



A general memorial at the cemetery Kranenburg, Zwolle Netherlands
Project: General Memorial
Title: Circle Light
Description: At the cemetery a memorial is erected meant for people to commemorate deceased relatives even if there are no physical remains. The memorial consists of three Memorial Columns and a Meditation Object. People can install a transparent plaque with a personal text.
Material: Coloured laminated glass. The colours ascend from the earth. Projection by the sun brings the colours back to the earth.
Completed: 2013
Project Duration: 2 years
Medium: Coloured glass with a frame of stainless steel
Dimensions: meditation object 2,2 x 1,0 x 0,1 meter. Memorial columns 2,0 x 0,2 x 0,1 meter
Location: Cemetery Kranenburg, Zwolle, The Netherlands
Commissioning Municipality of Zwolle
Project Manager: Mrs. M Zweers municipality of Zwolle
Construction: Van Tetterode Glass, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Budget: €  25.000

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